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We are is in the process of setting up a distributors program.
We can provide you with the advantage of being able to supplement or replace your income. It's up to you to progress and expand it, we will work with you to help you as the opportunities are endless.

If you would like to learn more, please email [email protected] or call 480-966-1136

FAQs about our program:

  1. Does your company offer drop shipping?  We offer drop shipping anywhere in the US.  Outside of the US you will need to contact us.
  2. Is blind drop shipping an option?  Blind drop shipping is available.  We will set you up as the originator within our shipping system.  We charge an extra fee per shipment on blind shipments.  You should e-mail us your packing slip for inclusion in the package.
  3. Do you have your product list in a data spread sheet?  Yes, we have the product list available upon request.
  4. Do you provide web ready product photos?  We can send you photos that we use on our own website.
  5. How would you do billing, and expect payment with us?  You would order online at the website.  An invoice will be e-mailed to you and included in your shipment unless otherwise specified.  Terms can be requested only after you have completed three (3) orders either with credit card, or pre-payment. 
  6. Do you have a minimum price limit that must be ordered?  Our minimum order is 24 lollipops. 
  7. What shipping method do you use?  We use UPS shipping by default.  Other carries can be requested.
  8. What's the estimated time of a product delivery?  Our required time for processing and preparing your shipment is:  
    Quantity 24 - 300 - 2 business days 
    Quantity 301 - 600 - 3 business days
    Quantity 601 – 1,500 -  5 business days
    Over 1,501 - We will contact you with our anticipated completion date (Normally, less than 10 business days) 
    Orders over 10,000 may require unique scheduling.  Please notify us of any special delivery schedules needed.
    Product delivery will take between 2 and 5 business days after it leaves our facility depending on your location.  For express service, you will need to choose a faster shipping method.  Additional costs may be required.
  9. What are your return policies?  We do not take returns of product.  We want to insure that the product is of quality and to have a chain of custody between our facilities and the end consumer.